Benefits of App

The one stop travel App solution for every travel need. Welcome on board and enjoy the ride.

Unlimited access to international and national travelers either for business or pleasure and/or touristic purposes, in need and search for transfer, tour or travel/trip.
Immediate and instant interaction with customers via masked protected call technology.
Advanced and secure payment solutions, where the carrier is payed directly by the customer, and a split payment method solution will distribute the commission to us directly or in case of cash payment we will clear the between us accounts in an easy and economical way twice a month, (1 st and the 16 th day of every month).
Enjoy low standard commission rates, as well as rewards, of exceed performance in service provision and in generation of income and productivity.
A panic button within the app is a feature, which will notify us and the local authorities automatically in case something goes wrong and being in real danger, by giving information, such as, identification, and the location of the vehicle, which is involved in the transfer. Our mission is to provide an exceptional safe service, above all.
Location tracking and mapping solutions, which provide both users and drivers the ability, to see the location of the car/passenger and the distance in between them, in real time. Helping both traveler and driver to locate each other avoiding further and unnecessary telecommunications.
Can print and use the reservation as a vouches, that complies with EU regulations in the transfer sector.
Carrier’s operational Centers/Offices could limit their workload and the difficult aspect of fleet management and routing,
24/7 nonstop demand of services by customers traveling to and from airports, train stations, ports, bus stations, hotels, nightclubs, museums, beaches, etc.
Carriers can advertise all their transfer services and vehicles and all their tour,trip, cruise, excursion or any other related to our services products they have to offer in the unlimited potential customers and users of this platform application.
They can fill out empty seats through shared passenger option facilities. And generate more income.
Carrier companies can watch/track their vehicles through GPS tracking and manage their administration by adding or deleting Vans and/or drivers.
Less phone interaction with drivers and customers for coordinating each other to pick up point etc.
Carrier companies have their own profile admin console and can manage, monitor, and reroute their fleet through texting accepting calls for drivers,and have a hands-on interaction with the whole process of transfer/tour/trip service and product on offer.
Drivers can get paid by customers by cash and have all the transactions in cash recorded in your analytic console.
Obviously, the commissions payed towards us, are properly invoiced and declared and we provide you with the recorded and authorized by our revenue relevant invoices, which are deductible expenses of the carrier’s business income tax rate.
Drivers as well as, their operational routing managers, can track the location of all their vehicles, they have uploaded in the system, as well as, seats availability, and routing information, which enables them to manage and deal with unpredictable traffic, distance and delay issues, by re-routing Vehicles and manage the fleet in a different manner so as to avoid, delays and complains, which enables them to deliver an acute and excellent service to customers.

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